Akashic Records Readings—Forgive your karma, embrace grace!

Akashic Records GuidesThe Akashic Records are a treasury of your personal experiences and knowledge of the past, present and future… the record of your soul’s every thought, word, action, desire and emotion. My readings bring helpful insights and healing energies from the wise, loving Record Keepers about your soul’s purpose, relationships, career or health to guide you to enlightened choices.

Trained and certified by Maureen St. Germain as an Akashic Records Guide in 2013, Sylvia’s readings of what Edgar Cayce called “the Book of Life” touch the heart, and often, when directed by the Record Keepers, serve as the conduit for healing or enlightening energies from Record Keepers, Ascended Masters and Archangels themselves.

Akashic Records Reading can be done by phone, Skype or in person at the NYC Edgar Cayce Center, or other convenient NYC location. Readings are one hour, $150. Your session can be recorded (MP3) for an additional $15 fee.

To find out more about Akashic Records readings, or to book phone/Skype appointments, go to www.akashicrecordsguides.org

You’ll find Sylvia listed under “Meet Our Guides,” as well as a wealth of useful information about the Akashic Records, what questions to ask and what to expect from your reading.

To book in-person readings at the NYC Edgar Cayce Center, email Sylvia at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call or text (347) 564-5600. Ask about her discount for NYC Edgar Cayce Center Members.

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Testimonials from recent Akashic Records clients:

I had my list of questions in front of me as I listened to Sylvia's voice, which changed from when we initially talked. The record keepers were speaking through her and addressed so many of my questions that I did not have to ask. It was intense and gratifying to have so many of my heart felt wishes and desires confirmed. So much of what I have been going through was described in detail, with a perspective I never considered. When one looks over one's life and may regret things done in the past to self and others, guilt can set in. I have a family member I unknowingly tried to force, so to speak, a square peg into a round hole. I have such a different perspective now of the situation and know that it will result in a closer, more loving and nurturing relationship. I thank the record keepers for this unique point of view.

I found comfort in knowing my true soul's purpose and that I am on the right path with a lot more exciting adventures, modalities and relationships to develop in my future. I am now more optimistic and grateful that I made this decision to have the reading in the first place. It was the best gift I gave myself for the coming year 2015.

I highly recommend Sylvia Chappell. I am confident her readings will leave any client with a satisfaction and knowing deep inside, with many of the answers that you are seeking. An energy healing was the icing on the cake and I have felt a marked improvement in my health condition since that conversation. It was a remarkable experience! This will not be my last reading with Sylvia!

—Iris Basham

Sylvia Chappell cured my lifelong lower backache over the telephone during one Akashic Records reading. This Akashic Records reading is one of the best things I've ever done for myself because it gave me new insights into my life, into my relationships, into my backache! I cannot recommend her readings enough. It is the gift of self-knowledge… the best investment anyone can make. Your life will be changed for the better when you do it.

—Diana Montford, Host of the Diana Montford TV Show

Having my Akashic records read by Sylvia was truly a transformative experience…. Sylvia’s connection to the divine source is evident in her channeling gifts.... She provided so many insightful explanations for questions I have regarding aspects of my family dynamics and things I have known all my life but did not know why or how. The reading unlocked the mysteries of my life’s puzzling questions. Since my reading with Sylvia, I can physically feel a frequency shift and blockages clearing from my heart and throat chakras, giving way to more love, forgiveness and clarity in communication with those family members I held as adversaries. I am able to become less judgmental and more understanding.

—Linda L.

What an enlightening experience with Sylvia and her reading of my Akashic records! So many things came to light and started making sense in the present. Experiences that repeated over and over for the past 40 years… and my recurrent dreams finally got to fit in the bigger picture of what I was doing in the past 200 years and its relationship with the gifts that I keep on awakening in this lifetime. The reading brought so much more clarity and motivation to continue pursuing my healing career. Thanks Sylvia, you are a truly gift for all of us.

—Rossanna W.

Sylvia, the channeled Akashic reading you provided for me was amazing! I listened to the recording again and heard things I missed. It has provided so much insight and understanding in my life that I haven't experienced before in any other reading. You have such a gentle and loving spirit and I am so grateful for this experience with you. Thank you for the healing work you do!

—Mary M.

The session was progressively engaging and empowering. I experienced a personal shift, as the deeper aspects of my soul were explored. I came away with a greater clarity about my calling and purpose for this lifetime. I had a better understanding of the impact of past influences, and an awareness of who I was becoming spiritually. This was a pivotal step in my life’s journey that grounded me and taught me to let go of what no longer served me.

—Joan A.

I wanted to let you know how helpful the information from The Records, through you, was for me. When I asked if our family had been together before and how I can support the best for our family, you described a lifetime where we were all in the same family roles, birth order and personalities, but you don’t know our family! Then they proceeded to describe how decisions made based on social norms then are affecting me now. It all made perfect sense because some of the personality traits and family dynamics are as you saw them in my Records, but the information was also given on how I can gently adjust and support the best in all of us. Having useful insights for the present work at hand is very reassuring, i.e., knowing we all came back by agreement to shine more light on ourselves is very heart-warming.

—Michelle M.

You certainly have a gift for accessing that part of my history which points to areas that I need to reflect on and learn from. Though not evident at first, I have certainly felt an energy shift—a nudge—and also a big kick in the ass to refocus and get back on track. My meditation practice… was coasting, but now I see a special progress. There has been a reconnection to those dormant parts, and it's all resonating so so clearly. And I've even opened up to the angels—and my guardian angel.

—Eileen M.