Sylvia Chappell on the Diana Montford TV Show

Tarot reading for 2020 (filmed 1/10/20). Click on the video to watch:

Most recent show on the Akashic Records (filmed 1/10/20). Click on the video to watch:

NOTE: For more information about the celestial crystal xylophone Sylvia is playing, please contact its creator, Sound Healing maestro Jill Mattson at her website

Watch more videos on the Akashic Records and Past Lives.
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Akashic Records

Discover how Sylvia’s Akashic Records reading for host Diana Montford healed pain from a dramatic life as an actor in Ancient Rome, what the Akashic Records are, and what kinds of insights and energies Sylvia brings from them to help her clients along their spiritual path to enlightenment. This show aired in November 6, 2014. (Approx. 30 mins.)

Past Lives

You can change past lives! Sylvia Chappell talks about her innovative Past-Life Regression work that heals—and completely transforms—traumatic past lives. This positively affects other lives... past, present and future. This show aired July 31, 2014. Approx. 30 mins.

From Karma to Compassion

Sylvia shares hopeful information from the Akashic Records about releasing karmic baggage through compassion to create a more loving future for ourselves and our world. This free-spirited discussion explores one soul incarnating as two people, the persecution of psychic abilities, the return of the Atlanteans… and Jean Harlow! This show aired Sept. 25, 2014. (28 minutes)

Karma, Ascension & Earth's Future

Sylvia shares recent insights from the Akashic Records about karma (it's not what most people think) and how clearing this "baggage" speeds up the ascension of human and planetary consciousness. Will you move up to 5D or stay in 3D? (28 mins.)